Where is Our Water?

Hingham Library- Whiton Room

Thursday Novemer 17 2016 7- 8:45 pm

Where does your water come from?  How is our water used? Where do private irrigation wells draw their water from?  How can we save water?  Come find out in a fun and engaging way - kids are going to teach us!

This year’s drought highlighted the need for everyone to know the answer to these basic questions about our local water supply and watershed and how we can save it.  Hingham and Hull High School students will be running 3 interactive watershed models to help people answer these questions.

River Champion Awards will be presented to Charles Berry for his efforts in protecting 50+ acres of land in the Weir River Watershed and the Lofchie's will be honored for their recent conservation easement, completing a missing link in a 2.5 mile walking path along Straits Pond in Hull and Cohasset.

A rain barrel and water conservation kits will be provided to raffle winners thanks to Aquarion Water Company!

Photo: Weir River Dry this Summer due to Drought and Over Use of Water

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